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Installing and Using the Fuzz Distortion Audio Plugin

How to Install

  1. Go to your Unreal project’s directory (should contain a .uproject file). Create a directory called “Plugins” if it isn’t already there.

  2. Copy the plugin’s PDFuzzDistortion folder into this Plugins directory.

  3. Open the Project using the Shortcut we made in this previous post. Then Click Edit -> Plugins.

  4. Under the Installed -> Audio plugins we should see “Fuzz Distortion” enabled.

  5. Browse to PDFuzzDistortion’s Content folder by Clicking the Folder Icon, then “PDFuzzDistortion Content.”

  6. Open the Music folder to view a sample music file, preset and preset chain.

  7. Click Play on the MUSIC_LOOP to audition it. We’ll modify it’s distortion parameters next.

  8. Double click “RobotVampirePreset” to start modifying the distortion parameters.

  9. Here are the default parameters.

    • Volume Attenuation is the output volume of the effect.
    • Drive controls the saturation of the effect.
    • Wet controls how much distorted audio is mixed with the input audio. 0 = No distortion. 1 = Fully distorted.
    • Fuzz and Fuzziest have their own tone, while Fuzzier can make the audio sound like it’s coming out of a broken speaker.
    • Noise Attuenation is how much white noise is introduced into the distorted signal. Can be great for fuzzing out speech.

  10. Now lets create a new Source Effect Preset Chain and Source Effect Preset for you to use with your own sounds.
    Click Add New -> Sounds -> Source Effect Preset Chain. Call it PRESET_CHAIN.

  11. Click Add New -> Sounds -> Source Effect Preset to create a preset.

  12. Select SourceEffectFuzzDistortionPreset and save this as PRESET.

  13. Double click your own sound, scroll down to Effects and Source Effect Preset chain, click on the drop down box and select the PRESET_CHAIN you just created.

  14. Double click PRESET_CHAIN, then click the plus icon to add a Source Effect. Click the Preset Dropdown box, select the PRESET you just made.

  15.  Click you audio file to play it, then double click PRESET to open the distortion parameters.

    You’ve now know how to create Source Effect Preset Chains and Source Effect Presets and use and reuse them on all your audio assets. Feel free to experiment with the plugin’s parameters as you see fit.

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