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Fuzz Distortion Support


The project loads with errors!

Copy the PDFuzzDistortion folder you got from Unreal Marketplace into the project’s Plugins folder and re-launch.

The project loads but the audio doesn’t sound distorted.

You may not be using Unreal Engine’s Beta Audio Engine. You’ll need to create a shortcut to Unreal Engine and add ” -audiomixer” to the target. This is explained in step 7 at

The Visual Studio Solution won’t load!

Right click the .uproject file and click “Generate Visual Studio Project Files.”

When I Open the Demo Map it says “Please rebuild source manually.”

Make sure you’ve copied the plugin’s PDFuzzDistortion folder to the Plugins/ folder.

Getting Started

  1. Setup Unreal Engine’s Audio Engine

  2. Install and use the Fuzz Distortion plugin.

External Resources

  1. For a Video walkthrough of setting up the new Unreal Audio Engine check out Game Audio Guru’s UE4 New Audio Engine Early Access – Editor Setup video.

  2. Finally, this walkthrough is from the Unreal Engine developers themselves.


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